NOVIPRO Group is pleased to unveil the new brand image for our E-SPACE Division, which is our Cloud business platform. This new identity supports E-SPACE’s ambition to provide technological peace of mind to business owners.

“We offer business owners our expertise so that they can focus on what really matters for them: growing their companies,” said Frédéric Beetz, Senior Director at E-SPACE. “Our mission at E-SPACE is to assist companies by offering custom configuration services for IT infrastructure and software, as well as for data back-up. Through our managed services, we provide business owners with guidance, reassurance and freedom when managing multiple environments.” 

At E-SPACE, the goal is to offer every entrepreneur IT services that are organized, secure and effective, so that they can confidently turn their attention to expanding their core business.

The services offered by E-SPACE effectively round out NOVIPRO Group’s suite of services. The E-SPACE team is supported by the expertise our firm has developed over the past 23 years. NOVIPRO was founded in 1993 by Quebec entrepreneurs Yves Paquette and Pierre Lanthier, and the company has enjoyed constant growth ever since. Today, NOVIPRO has more than 150 employees working from offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Paris.

“With its three divisions — E-SPACE, NOVIPRO Business Solutions and NOVIPRO Technology Solutions — NOVIPRO Group has the right expertise and agility to help clients with their transformation projects. With custom business solutions, managed services and a wide range of leading technology solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services for business that are looking for personalized assistance.” – Yves Paquette, President, NOVIPRO


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