Governance, archiving, storage, and data management

Maximize the value of your corporate data!

More data—and better managed—without additional staff

Smart information management is a key success factor. Our commitment is to radically improve your information governance and enable you to exploit its commercial value while lowering operating costs.


Information difficult to trace and protect?

NOVIPRO offers data archiving and management solutions with advanced services, based on solid and reliable technologies, intended to provide you substantial returns and ensure qualified users fast and secure access no matter the time, location and platform. Using our Solutions and Technological Innovations Center, NOVIPRO can create a prototype of your new solution and test its compatibility with your IT environment.


Exponential growth of your data?

Need to respond to a growing demand for data management? Large central servers, and other open environments: we have all the resources and above all the expertise you need to make the best choices.


Scattered data?

Enjoy a turnkey backup and recovery service, databases up to 100 times faster and the possibility to manage your entire installed storage from a single point of control. Add to that a complete range of advanced functions such as data virtualization, networked storage (Storage Area Network), software-defined storage and more.