Interconnection and optimization of networks

The best network solutions are within your reach!

The expertise and know-how you need

NOVIPRO helps you make the most of your network infrastructure to better achieve your business objectives.


A network that is both more efficient and less expensive

Consolidate your infrastructure and IT services through more stable LAN and WAN networks. You can concentrate your services in a smaller number of sites or in a high-availability data centre, reducing the size of your IT infrastructure and the associated maintenance costs.


A friendlier and safer network for a growing number of mobile users

We call on the market leaders—like Riverbed for WAN optimization and Fortinet for security solutions with Unified Threat Management—for deploying network solutions that meet the current stage of your business needs.


Lower WAN and Internet access fees

NOVIPRO can help you optimize your bandwidth and applications for an impressive reduction in the load on your WAN—up to 95% less—and a radical improvement of your application response times, whose performance can be multiplied by 100. This will have a significant positive impact on the productivity of your mobile workforce, particularly in regard to your cloud-based applications such as messaging, collaboration, backup and replication.