IT Operations Process Optimization

Take advantage of the most recent advancements in the IT industry

Provide to your IT the agility of the Cloud

Using the most recent technology in automation, orchestration and performance management (like Linux platforms, Open Stack and Hadoop), NOVIPRO’s optimization program answers difficult questions, such as “Which legacy applications can we adapt using today’s architecture concepts?” and “Which of our legacy applications should we externalize, and in what priority order?”


Adjust your IT processes to better meet today’s demands

Cloud computing, Big Data, the Internet of things and more: With so much change happening in the IT industry, companies—and their traditional IT processes—are having a hard time keeping up. This is forcing businesses to revise their IT infrastructure and management models. What they need is agile infrastructure, optimized processes and open technology.


Get a customized solution

While it’s relatively simple to migrate one or two applications to the Cloud, the situation can get complicated fast when more applications are involved. You have to consider numerous management, authentication and data exchange methods—and all too often you simply “externalize the complexity!” Plus, a packaged or fragmented approach can just make things worse.


A solution that’s tried and true

Even an overall, integrated approach can’t guarantee that the various components will match up perfectly or that the switch from paper to paperless will be seamless. That’s why NOVIPRO’s Technology Innovation Center is so interested in open technology. Out platform integrators will help you assess the software available on Linux open platforms. They’ll also ensure that you choose the right applications and programs, and that they can be integrated with ease.