NOVIPRO’s Maturity Model

Realign your IT infrastructure with your business objectives

A clearly defined, efficient and customized plan!

NOVIPRO’s maturity model is an innovative methodology used to help businesses—both big and small—assess their IT service offer and devise the best plan to simplify and optimize their IT infrastructure. Our goal is to help you achieve the agility you need to meet your business objectives while progressing at your own pace and using the resources available to you.



The maturity model is an objective priority matrix that NOVIPRO applies to evaluate the agility of your IT processes. We want to help you and your current teams deliver timely IT services to your business units.



  With the tried and tested maturity model approach, you can revamp your IT infrastructure at a reasonable cost. You can improve its agility, efficiency and resiliency—all at the same time. 



  NOVIPRO’s maturity model can help you get the agility you want by focussing on simplified processes backed by optimized infrastructure. Ultimately, we’re working together to make sure you can provide your business units with agile and efficient IT services at a competitive price.