Professional services

Look no further—we’ve got the skills you need!

The IT world is in constant motion: new technologies, trends and practices seem to emerge every week!

Ideally, every company would have its own continually updated team of specialists to get all their projects done and anticipate the next growth phase — but that’s not always feasible.


You’ve identified your needs and are looking for:

  • Objective advice on the best strategies and technologies available 
  • Professional opinions you can trust concerning best practices
  • Just the right amount of assistance for your changing needs

In short, you need easy and flexible access to qualified technical personnel and experts who are up-to-date on the latest technologies.


Seasoned professionals available on your terms

  • In business since 1993, NOVIPRO offers comprehensive IT services, practices and expertise. 
  • Our clients appreciate our objective views and expert opinions. Let us lay the foundation for your projects and help you on your road to success!


Access the top experts on the market

  • Innovative practices with a proven track record
  • Highly qualified experts in all IT fields 
  • A team of over 100 people working in Canada and France 
  • Worldwide consulting capabilities 
  • An impressive portfolio of major IT projects 
  • Recommended by numerous companies of all sizes