IT transformation and Cloud

An exemplary approach, optimal results

How can you make your IT infrastructure more agile? What legacy applications should be kept? Cloud or no cloud?

Today, a lot of companies are faced a two major IT challenges. First, their IT infrastructure includes both proprietary applications that are crucial to their business and external applications, like cloud computing. Second, they need to process massive amounts of transient and unpredictable data—and they need to do it quickly.


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Above all else, our role is to help you better understand:

Managers have a lot of questions to answer, such as: How can proprietary and external applications be integrated? Which IT activities need to be done internally? Which should be handled externally? Should the business migrate to the cloud? Should legacy applications be kept? Should they be externalized or modernized? Etc.

We offer an objective view to help you see things differently and better assess the pros and cons of each option.


Let us help you with:

  • Enhancing your IT vision
  • Auditing the externalization of your corporate applications
  • Auditing Cloud technologies
  • Simplifying processes for added agility

Once that’s done, we can recommend a game plan including a methodology for transforming your IT infrastructure based on your current resources and business goals. 


An exemplary approach  

What makes our methodology different?

  • It’s is based on well-known and reputable reference models, in keeping with industry best practices.
  • It’s totally non-partisan: As an independent firm, we recommend software and hardware based on your needs and not on supplier relationships.
  • It’s holistic: Instead of analyzing various aspects in isolation, we look at the big picture and take into account:
    • Your company’s unique issues
    • Your current internal practices
    • Technologies that can be implemented progressively
    • Your business goals


Optimal results

At the end of the day, you come out a winner with:

  • A clearer vision of your technological infrastructure and issues
  • Objective answers to your questions to help inform your decisions  
  • A recommended game plan and assistance to get the most agile IT solutions possible to you on track to meeting your business goals



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