SIMIO - Simulation

An environment which enables you to develop, validate and sell your ideas effectively

Simio is a friend of change. Through the production of animation, charts and statistics, it enables you to define your ideas, quantify their performance, refine them further still then sell them. Simply, safely, without risk.


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See the future

What if you were able to test your plans and identify their weaknesses early in their development phase. Wouldn't you improve them? What if you had an efficient way to define and visualize your whole system: people, equipment, processes and coordination methods? Wouldn't you check your ideas to make sure that it all made sense? That the resources mix is optimal and that money is invested wisely? Now you can.

Using Simio’s straightforward drag-and-drop interface, you'll quickly describe your processes, specify their resource requirements, draw pathways through your facility and add images from Google's 3D Warehouse. Quickly your model will come to life producing animation and performance information - giving you the opportunity to foster discussions, share ideas, improve their designs and promote cooperation among stakeholders. 


Get Answers to Tough Questions such as:

  •         What will be the impact of the new process on waiting times?
  •         How can we deploy our people to minimize cost while maintaining our service levels?
  •         How many new work centres should we plan for?
  •         Where should we position our inventories? How should we distribute them?
  •         What will be the impact of adopting the new shift patterns?
  •         What control strategies should we put in place?
  •         How profitable will the new training plan be?

Novipro can help you by providing:

  •         Analysis services
  •         Software
  •         Training
  •         Consulting
  •         Coaching
  •         Systems’ Integration
  •         Turnkey decision model delivery

Simio transforms your operation descriptions, layouts and data into decision models. Weaknesses of new systems are identified early in the design process enabling you to improve them at much lower cost. Imagine, develop, evaluate and then deploy your transformation ideas with confidence. We allow you to optimize your system investments according to your operational needs.


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Product Features


A powerful analysis tool

  • Visualize a system’s behavior and validate its consistency
  • Predict its performances
  • Identify weaknesses early in the design phase
  • Structure the development process
  • Communicate and sell effectively both internally and externally
  • Mitigate risk and uncertainty
  • Avoid unnecessary costs
  • Quickly debug your system before purchasing equipment in order to deploy quickly at lower cost.


General purpose

Enables the analysis of a wide variety of systems: manufacturing, logistics, transportation. Human resources, healthcare, financial services, defence, customer service, mining, forestry, etc.



Produce breathtaking animations by integrate your images and drawings kept in different formats produced by your different tools: Autocad, Solidworks, Sketchup, Powerpoint, Paint, jpg, png, bmp, dxf, 3ds, dae, mesh, etc.


Efficient modeling

  • Easy to use
  • Very versatile
  • Flexible data structures
  • Integrated data analysis and optimization tools.