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NOVIPRO offers certified expertise, combined with best practices in high performance IP and local data networking solutions.


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A full range of networking products and services

Brocade enterprise networking products are designed to provide you with an optimal level of performance, reliability and security at a favourable price/quality ratio.

Our goal: help you make the most of your network infrastructure, to better meet the needs of your business.


Brocade is an industry leader, providing reliable and high-performance network solutions that help organizations transition smoothly to a virtualized world where applications and information can reside anywhere.  


Product Features



Whether you want more functionality or more locations, beyond the wiring closet, we offer a choice of innovative, economical, secure and easy to manage solutions, for example:

  • The first Ethernet matrix technology
  • Free controllers eliminating dependence on the supplier
  • Switch structures accessible to your entire organization

Types of products offered:

  • Data centre switches
  • Enterprise network switches
  • Operator category Ethernet switches


Network Storage

Anticipate data growth with advanced storage infrastructure.  Our innovative tracking, management and diagnostic tools give you unprecedented network visibility:

  • Avoid damaging incidents
  • Recover data quickly, if the need arises
  • Enjoy unparalleled performance, availability and total cost of ownership (TCO) in enterprise storage.

 Types of products offered:

  • Fibre channel IP network storage 


Software Defined Networks

  • Enjoy a more agile and better automated network with our Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions, starting with our commercial version of the open source software OpenDaylight.
  • Use our virtual application delivery controller for safe and fast service delivery.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility and lower costs through real independence vis-à-vis the supplier.

 Types of products and services offered:

  • SDN network controllers
  • Network Function Virtualization



  • Maintain performance and advanced management features while reducing your network through our secure and cost-effective Ethernet routers.
  • Benefit from increased operational flexibility through innovative features such as a programmable architecture and hybrid OpenFlow mode for easy transition to a SDN network.