Palo Alto Networks Security Platform

Run your business safely with a powerful security platform!

Get clear visibility and complete control over your network

Data centres, remote offices, highly standardized processes, risk management—no matter what your key concern is, Palo Alto Networks gives you clear visibility and complete control over your network. This allows you to better manage and protect your company’s complex and ever-changing IT ecosystem.


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Strengthens your enterprise security by:

  • Classifying applications systematically
  • Blocking threats―known and unknown
  • Offering incredible deployment and management flexibility
  • Integrating users and equipment into security policies  

Answers your business’ security needs with optimal visibility and complete control over:

  • Content
  • Users
  • Network traffic
  • Applications

Ensures protection across your organization and delivers protection for various initiatives, including:

Ensures protection across your organization, including:

  • Business perimeter
  • Users working remotely or on the road
  • External sites, branch offices and remote offices
  • Mobility processing
  • Sector-specific issues
  • Virtual dynamic data centres
  • Virtualized or cloud-based data centres

Palo Alto Networks is the network security company. Its innovative platform allows enterprises, service providers and government entities to secure their networks and safely enable the increasingly complex and rapidly growing number of applications running on their networks. The company’s core products are firewalls designed to provide visibility and granular control of network activity based on application, user, and content identification. 

Palo Alto

Product Features


Visibility ― Applications

  • Improved visibility of:
    • Threats
    • Web traffic
    • Applications
    • Data patterns
  • Comparative analysis of:
    • Traffic
    • Models
    • Threats
  • Detailed analyses and personalized reports for:
    • Your traffic
    • Your devices
  •          Visibility based on groups and users, not just IP addresses 


Filtering ― Data

  • Blocks unapproved or dangerous files by type while enabling applications
  • Enables or denies file transfers
  • Prevents data loss with pattern-based content identification 


Filtering ― URL


  • Integrated URL database for maximum performance and flexibility
  • Customizable URL categories and databases
  • Customizable end-user notifications 


Visibility ― Users

  • Visibility into user application activities
  • User-based policy control
  • User-based analysis, reports and forensics
  • Integration with any user repository 



  • Broad-based protection against a range of malware
  • Stream-based scanning for dramatically reduced latency
  • Continual malware research and updates
  • Protects your network from threats propagated by drive-by downloads


Mobile security

  • Threat prevention
  • Device-based policy control
  • Mobile app policies

 APT prevention

  • DNS-based intelligence on botnet networks
  • Behavioural botnet reports
  • Sandbox analysis of unknown threats

 IPS security

  • Provides full IPS projection with maintained performance
  • Blocks a wide range of vulnerabilities – known and unknown
  • Protects against DoS/DDoS attacks