IBM z Systems (Mainframe)

Two technological assets to help you meet today’s business challenges!

Evolving technology for a changing world

Companies are increasingly moving away from investing in infrastructure maintenance to explore new approaches, which include: Cloud computing, Data analysis, Mobile apps. The success of this type of project hinges on the technological infrastructure deployed: it must be powerful, integrated, agile, reliable and secure! IBM offers two innovative technology assets designed to meet the challenges you face in today’s business world the zEnterprise BC12 and the IBM z13.

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zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12)

zBC12 offers these outstanding capabilities:

  • Analytical processing
  • Granularity options
  • Virtualization
  • Redundancy
  • Secure cloud computing
  • Mobility

Add to this a more affordable cost structure than its predecessors, and major improvements in presentation, performance and total system scalability.


IBM z13™

  • Simply the most rapid, scalable and secure business system on the market today!
  • Designed for IT companies, the z13 is a high-performance platform for traditional data servers and transactional workloads.
  • IBMz13 real-time data analysis provides faster support for business decisions.
  • The z13, which runs on IBM z/OS, also provides increased capacity in terms of compression, reliability, availability and scalability. 

IBM is recognized around the world for its proven leadership in research and development. Its ability to innovate is reflected in the performance of such servers and IT solutions as System z, System p, Spectrum Storage solutions, SmartCloud,  and a broad range of IT Data Center operations tools and business applications.


Product Features



  • System diagnostics and trend analysis with IBM zAware
  • Improved availability with Flash Express
  • Global Data-processing System(GDPS) resiliency
  • Built-in hardware redundancy
  • Power and thermal management
  • Decades of innovative remote access service
  • Capacity and backup on demand




  • Best price/performance ratio for specialized processors
  • Compression acceleration (zEDC) for resource optimization
  • Increased granularity
  • Lower operational costs compared to previous generations (support fees and monthly software charges).



  • The industry’s most trusted and resilient infrastructure, with built-in security
  • z/OS V2R1 encryption facility and services
  • Increased data security and availability (EAL5+ rating)
  • Policy enforcement, user monitoring, alerts and customized compliance reports
  • Digital Signatures for smart cards (PKCS #11)


Private Cloud

  • Advanced workload management – provision resources on the fly
  • Up to 100% CPU utilization
  • “Shared everything” architecture
  • Manage up to 100,000 virtual servers
  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to existing distributed servers
  • Less floor space



  • Sophisticated technology for mobile computing
  • Mobile, hybrid and native Web apps connected to back-end systems
  • Highest level of security
  • Capabilities extended and adapted to mobile devices
  • Open access to all channels – any time, anywhere
  • IBM Mobile First, CICS Mobile Pack, IBM Cognos Mobile, etc.



  • Real-time analytics with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IBM IDAA)
  • Run complex business analytics queries up to 2,000 times faster
  • Eliminate costly query tuning by offloading complex query processing
  • Reduce the need for distributed data marts
  • Achieve storage savings by keeping DB2 z/OS historical data in the accelerator only
  • Reduce cost and risk – no need to manage and copy production data

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