Linux makes inroads as an enterprise solution

Businesses are increasingly recognizing Linux, especially on POWER architecture, for being robust, flexible and affordable. This promising environment aims to be a viable enterprise solution with a growing pool of qualified specialists, dedicated community and predisposition for innovation.


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How can NOVIPRO help

Put our experience to work for you. We’ve gained valuable knowledge working on countless Linux and POWER system projects. You’ll enjoy peace of mind by letting us handle everything from integration and implementation to document management and training. When you make the most of our broad expertise, you’ll make sure the job gets done according to industry best practices. 

Product Features


Enterprise distributions that are fully supported by big-name commercial entities (Red Hat, Suse, Canonical).


Increased granularity of the service control level and processes.


Increased control that enables more secure services and operations contexts.


Broad range of applications and products with a large, dedicated and enthusiastic community.


Choice technology for virtualization and cutting-edge innovation (cloud, big data, Openstack, containers, IoT, etc.)


The only operating system that can exploit the highly competitive advantages of IBM POWER, the POWERKVM hypervisor and the POWERVM hypervisor (other than AIX and IBMi).