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Backup solutions that work!

Increasingly, data is becoming a key asset in the operation – and growth – of your business. But to get the most out of your business data, it must be easily accessible, securely protected and archived in accordance with industry best practices.


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As a recognized industry leader, CommVault is redefining enterprise backup with solutions designed to:

  • simplify operations
  • shrink backup costs
  • speed up recovery

CommVault’s Simpana security software features a single platform for harmonizing functions such as:

  • snapshots
  • deduplication
  • backup and archiving
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CommVault provides data and Information Management software designed for work environments of various sizes. CommVault’s Simpana® 10 software suite helps secure your data and provides exceptional functionality for backup and recovery, archiving, replication, research and storage resource management. 


Product Features


Take control of your data growth!

Simpana®10 is an integrated platform that offers a unique and comprehensive solution for backup and recovery – at a competitive price.

Simpana contains individually licensable modules integrated into a single platform with a unifying code base that provides unparalleled advantages.

Throughout your physical and virtual environment, Simpana’s tightly integrated and powerful software features allow you to:

  • securely protect and easily recover information
  • manage costs and reduce complexity
  • develop a clearer picture of your data


With Simpana’s powerful platform you will:

  • significantly increase productivity
  • meet the requirements of compliance audits and computer forensics (eDiscovery)
  • discover new strategies that set you apart from competitors


Simpana offers a cost-effective, efficient solution that includes monitoring and training services with access to professional advice. 


Unleash your potential with the Simpana solution!

  • Increase efficiency by consolidating and automating your processes.
  • Take control of your data growth with global deduplication and data protection snapshots.
  • Quickly restore data and applications from different environments: virtual systems, messaging, databases or files.
  • Choose the storage granularity best suited to your needs.
  • Boost productivity with open, secure access to your indexed data.
  • Streamline operations with integrated reports.
  • Keep it simple with Simpana eDiscovery for backup, disaster recovery, archiving, replication and search.
  • Increase data visibility and cut as much as 99 percent off the time needed to review data by integrating reporting, retention and deduplication capabilities.

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