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Transform your storage economics!

Data compression plus hardware acceleration equals agility and opportunities

Both user-friendly and extremely sophisticated, the new Storwize hardware platforms are powerful modular disk storage solutions whose scalability and advanced analytics capabilities open up new business opportunities.


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The special benefits of IBM Storwize

Designed to complement virtual server environments, IBM® Storwize modular storage systems provide the flexibility and responsiveness necessary to meet your changing needs.


Easy to deploy and manage, with their integrated graphical user interface, these systems offer a rich array of functional, organizational and economic benefits, including:

  • Capacity to support big data from social networks, mobile and Cloud applications, as well as current strategic data analytics
  • Fast and flexible deployment of Cloud services
  • Continuous access to data through integrated disruption-free migration
  • Superior data protection, thanks to advanced remote replication and integrated IBM FlashCopy® technology
  • Superior reliability, usually reserved for more expensive systems, transforms storage economics using data compression and hardware acceleration

IBM is recognized around the world for its proven leadership in research and development. Its ability to innovate is reflected in the performance of such servers and IT solutions as System z, System p, Spectrum Storage solutions, SmartCloud,  and a broad range of IT Data Center operations tools and business applications.


Product Features


Some user features :

  • Web GUI with point-and-click user functions
  • Fast and flexible provisioning by isolating applications from physical storage through virtualization of storage on internal and external drives
  • Ability to perform simple configuration changes through internal and external virtualization and thin provisioning
  • Snapshots, via IBM FlashCopy, of applications for backups or testing.
  • Easy migration of data from external storage to Storwize (one way from another storage device). 


Some functional features :

  • Vertical scalability—by adding units and drives—and horizontal—via clusters
  • Optimization of costs relating to homogeneous workloads through tripled performance using only 5% of the flash storage (SSD) with the IBM System Storage® Easy Tier® function
  • Dynamic evolution of applications by occupying only the storage space that they actually use, thanks to thin provisioning
  • Integrated support for file and block modes, on some models, to consolidate workloads


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IBM Storwize Familly

Relieve modern data storage capacity problems and boost performance without breaking the budget

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IBM Storwize Family - Infographic

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize. For common functionality, management and mobility.

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