Welcome to a world where vision, innovation and transformation are the hallmarks of every project. Your challenges inspire our teams to excel, maximize your efficiency and drive up your profits.

As a leader in Quebec since 1993, NOVIPRO Group is continually updating its methodologies, solutions and technologies.

NOVIPRO is committed to developing the best solution for your business, taking into account your resources and goals. We’re proud to offer ingenuity, expertise and an unfailing commitment to customer service.

NOVIPRO Group offers:

  • More than 120 professionals with leading expertise
  • Objective and carefully thought-out recommendations based on the latest technology trends
  • Unparalleled consulting services using NOVIPRO’s exclusive methodology
  • Personalized support throughout the project lifecycle
  • Offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Paris


How do we navigate a global ecosystem that is constantly changing? NOVIPRO focuses on three core areas: Business Solutions, Technology Solutions and our Cloud Business Platform (E-SPACE).

This gives us the agility and flexibility needed to respond quickly to changing markets and client needs.

  • A wide range of business solutions, including professional services, ERP solutions, software and infrastructure solutions.
  • Our seasoned specialists have highly specific expertise in business processes, big data, IT and cloud computing.
  • Evolved cloud solutions with several data centres located in Canada.
  • Outstanding customer service and complete client assistance services.

For us evolution equals innovation

1993 Company founded

  • First partnership with IBM
  • New Technology Centre
  • New offices in downtown Montreal
  • New offices in Quebec city and Paris
  • Creation of the Business Solutions Division
  • Partnership with Infor
  • New offices in Toronto
  • Launch of NOVICloud - Turnkey Cloud solutions
  • Development of NOVIPRO Maturity Model for IT optimization
  • New E-Space Cloud Business Platform
  • New Business Transformation division
  • Strategic consulting for Big Data
  • NOC implementation at E-SPACE
  • New office in la Place du Canada in downtown Montreal