Discover the benefits of migrating to SAS Viya


Type : Webinar
Date(s) : Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Hour : 3:00 PM (Eastern time)
Cost : Free
Place : Online

Discover the benefits of migrating to SAS Viya

Your company probably has a patchwork of disparate analytic systems. Often, traditional systems are combined with new open source technologies, analytical or AI models, and the application of business rules.

How can a platform like SAS Viya integrate and federate these systems while maintaining IT governance?

Join our webinar and find out how:

  • Improve collaboration and information sharing between your business analysts and users
  • Produce powerful analytical reports by reusing previously developed metrics
  • Accelerate the analytics lifecycle, from data preparation to deployment

One hour with our 2 experts in advanced analytics during which you can ask all your questions.