Centreon and NOVIPRO Partner to Better Serve Canadian Businesses



As Canadian businesses shift gears on their innovation agenda, investing into the latest available cloud and automation technologies, NOVIPRO and Centreon are joining forces to provide enterprise IT teams innovative, integrated and business-enabling IT monitoring solutions so that they can reap the full benefits of their industry 4.0 initiatives.


Getting to Strategic Results Faster

NOVIPRO is a reputed business technological partner with a unique approach to helping organizations of all sizes assess, streamline and improve their IT services and infrastructure.

We make sure businesses have the means to manage their technological assets confidently so that they swiftly achieve the strategic impact they want at the onset of their innovation initiatives'' explained Éric Landry, Director, IT Partners and Operations at NOVIPRO.

As part of its portfolio, NOVIPRO will be relying on Centreon’s business-aware IT monitoring solution and expertise to ensure Canadian businesses are able to optimize their IT infrastructure and operations in real time.

Businesses are adapting to fast-changing environments, trying to make the most of cloud technologies – they are not investing only to find new performance roadblocks. This is where we help: providing visibility, control and a single source of truth on the status and performance of enterprise applications and infrastructure, be it cloud or legacy”, added Romain Le Merlus, co-founder and CEO of Centreon North America.

A recent study conducted by NOVIPRO and Léger, revealed that companies are increasingly aware of the strategic role of their IT systems and that overall, the state of their infrastructure is improving. More businesses than ever are likely to collect and use data regularly. In that context, applying IT monitoring best practices ensures I&O professionals benefit from end-to-end control and a continuous feedback loop on the health of crucial IT assets. Advanced IT monitoring solutions like Centreon also provide vital and reliable metrics that are still missing on BI dashboards.


Carefully Selected Partners

NOVIPRO carefully selects its partners on the basis of their innovation and the quality of their solutions.

“Partnering with Centreon whose software and services have been widely adopted in Europe and elsewhere, will help build our clients’ confidence and awareness of their strategic technological assets,” commented Éric Landry. “Centreon EMS is a collaborative and agile solution that helps solve many of our customers pain points, specifically those associated with hybrid and distributed environments.


Adding Value: A Primary Business Goal

Centreon is committed to providing exceptional collaborative experiences for channel partners and their clients. Centreon’s unique value add is gaining recognition in the channel community – Channel Daily News featured Centreon in its 2019 Top News Makers list.

We’re in this market to make IT insights accessible to IT-driven businesses through a seamless, unified experience – from vendors up to end users. Our partnership with NOVIPRO opens new possibilities for Canadian companies who are looking for highly competitive and robust solutions to ensure IT performance and service level agreements are respected and optimized.  NOVIPRO is an ideal partner as we strive to make a difference in greater business uptime for Canadian businesses,” concluded Romain Le Merlus.

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