Industry 4.0


For the manufacturing sector, the imperative of digital transformation presents quite distinct challenges. The transition to the connected factory is not done in a day.

How can we progress towards more performance and innovation? Step by step. Starting with an honest diagnosis of the current situation, identifying precisely the issues that are slowing you down. By clearly defining realistic objectives. By imagining promising projects of reasonable scope that will allow you to produce value quickly.

It is by moving step by step through your transformation, at a pace that is sustainable for several years, that you will be able to quantify your progress, develop your digital strategy, and distinguish yourself sustainably from your competitors to better serve your customers.


  1. Plan your transformation
    Our NOVIPRO Business Solutions division specializes in strategic consulting and the implementation of business solutions. With an experienced team in manufacturing, distribution and services, this fast-growing division allows companies to benefit from expertise validated by the success of many projects.

  2. Evaluate your technological heritage
    Our NOVIPRO Technology Solutions division specializes in the implementation and management of technology platforms. Its multidisciplinary team has acquired a recognized experience thanks to the diversity of its clients and their projects, enabling it to accurately assess the business value of its clients' technological assets. From this foundation, transformation planning can be done on a technological basis evaluated according to industry best practices.

  3. Choose the best technologies
    Because it masters a wide range of technological solutions that can instrumentalize or support change, NOVIPRO Technology Solutions allows companies to implement solutions adapted to their needs. The Internet of Things, Big Data and advanced analytics are no longer assets reserved for large companies: we provide SMEs with high-performance technological solutions adapted to their reality.

  4. Entrust us with the operation of your IT infrastructure
    You want robust but innovative technology to support your operations, but IT infrastructure is not your area of expertise. Focus on running your business and entrust the management of your IT services to our certified experts.

  5. Ensure the continuity of your business
    You want to ensure that your company continues to operate, in all circumstances. NOVIPRO can help you develop a business continuity plan that takes into account the risks associated with technological change.

How can NOVIPRO help you?

We support our clients in their transformation towards Industry 4.0 through a global and continuous approach. It starts with strategic consulting, goes through value chain analysis and goes all the way to instrumentalization. And it covers all issues relevant to manufacturers, such as data connectivity, application modernization, the use of analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). This tailor-made support, adapted to the reality of your company, will help you to see clearly in order to make the right decisions. We will help you design and implement an action plan to successfully undertake your transformation.