Linux/Open Source

For your Linux/Open Source solutions, call on the specialists!

Looking to automate your IT infrastructure?

Looking for a less expensive and more scalable cloud solution?

Want to optimize a Linux environment?


  • OpenStack is a free, open-source cloud platform designed to automate IT operations. NOVIPRO has deployed this solution in-house and can put OpenStack to work for you.
  • We recommend including KVM open-source virtualization software in your IT infrastructure. This affordable cross-platform solution provides the performance, scalability and security needed to run Linux and other workloads on POWER, z Systems and x86.
  • Take advantage of NOVIPRO's unique expertise in open enterprise management systems. Using enterprise tools like SUSE Manager for Linux, we can help you manage your entire infrastructure effectively via an online dashboard, update your systems and address security vulnerabilities across all your Linux virtual systems.

How can NOVIPRO help you?

Linux specialists

NOVIPRO’s specialists can help you implement, deploy and maintain Linux solutions.

We can also optimize and install Linux on POWER and z Systems platforms, assist you with PowerVM, z/VM and KVM virtualization, or configure and deploy OpenStack on z Systems and POWER.