Guaranteed security for your business

Now more than ever, protecting IT environments from attacks is a major concern for any organization.

You need to be able to prove to clients, suppliers and users that your business is doing everything possible to prevent confidential information from being stolen. And you’ve got to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster or malware intrusion.

With threats becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, you need a partner you can trust.

At NOVIPRO, we have an elite team of IT security specialists ready to assist you. We can advise you on all aspects of network security and data governance best practices.

NOVIPRO is proud to offer:


  • Seasoned experts such as CISO as a Service
  • Continuously updated knowledge
  • Certified specialists for a wide range of products and solutions
  • Leading expertise in the industry’s compliance requirements
  • Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and SOC as a Service
  • Cybersecurity training and awareness-building

How can NOVIPRO help you?

NOVIPRO’s approach to IT security risk assessment and management is based on recognized methodologies such as those issued by the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), ISO, NIST and others. We use these guidelines to establish security processes and architectures that will ultimately protect your business operations continuity and resiliency.

NOVIPRO is proud to offer:

  • Business continuity planning, design and implementation 
  • Data protection
  • Risk and impact assessments
  • IT governance and security 
  • Privacy and data integrity
  • Network protection (firewall, email gateway, DLP, endpoint protection, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity training and awareness-building
  • Certified ZTX strategists


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