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Put watson to work

IBM Watson Studio accelerates the machine and deep learning workflows required to infuse AI into your business to drive innovation. It provides tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data and use that data to build and train models at scale.


Beyond optimizing the tasks you already do, AI enables new ways of doing business. Here are some powerful ways Watson can improve the way your organization runs.

Watson Studio closes the gap with a unified experience to create new insights from knowledge contained in the data. Watson Studio enables multidisciplinary teams across the organization to collaborate. We are convinced that rich collaboration is key unlocking the full potential of AI.

  • Continuous Learning: Teach Watson with embedded AI services, including Watson Visual Recognition, and convert custom models to CoreML.
  • Tools you know: Use familiar open source data science and machine learning tools, with Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio and Scala.
  • Deep learning integration: No-code visual modelings with Neural Network Modeler for designing neural architectures using the most popular deep learning frameworks.
  • Refine your data: Spend less time preparing data and more time discovering insights using Data Refinery.
  • See your data: Explore and visualize data with interactive, embedded dashboards.

IBM Watson Studio

How can NOVIPRO help?

Our AI experts can assist you in the creation of AI models that meet your expectations. With a passion for the success of our clients' projects, the NOVIPRO team of experts can help you in each of these three predefined steps to succeed in your next transformation:

1. Data collection: a necessary foundation for any AI project
2. Data mining: the first value creation for the company
3. Data optimization: to guide decisions and optimize your processes


How E-SPACE can help you:

Managed services offer to securely host your IA models on fast and optimized processors for IA (PowerAI).

Our team is committed to the success of your AI projects!