Decision optimization

Decision optimization

Make better business decisions

All businesses grapple with balancing operational needs and financial constraints. Tough calls are easier to make when you have a decision optimization model that draws on key company data on things like customer orders, delivery dates, inventories, corporate vehicles, staff schedules, etc. NOVIPRO can help you build a powerful optimization solution so that you can make impartial decisions and develop smart schedules.

Our offer

Custom platform specifically tailored to your needs

  • Create various personalized client templates
  • Use recognized optimization solvers with prescriptive analysis capabilities
  • You invest in a scalable solution
  • On-demand service available
  • Invest in areas that deliver immediate value (Minimal viable product approach)

Our approach:

  • Reduce risk factors
    - No hardware required at client site for producing schedules
    - No technology issues
    - Client supplies the data
    - Doesn’t monopolize planners
  •  Maximize your efficiency
    - Reduce risks
    - Stay agile with an iterative approach
    - Learn quickly through a fail-fast approach
    - Include the right specialists at the right time
    - Assess wins quickly

We’re here to help your business establish best practices, connect with smart people, and select the right solutions for your needs.


Our goal is to make sure you come away with an effective scheduling optimization solution that makes your business more efficient.


  • Scheduling issues (What needs optimizing?)
  • Team and production constraints (What factors affect shift/maintenance schedules?)
  • Schedule end users


  • Scheduling rules
  • Required datasets (Where are they? How are they formatted?)
  • A visual presentation (What’s the best way to display results?)


  • Project scope or phases
  • Execution phases
  • Project budget



  • Reduced waste of raw material
  • Decrease in delivery or production delays
  • Increase/acceleration of production

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