DS8880 product family

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DS8880 product family

Efficiently consolidate all of your critical applications with a product that delivers unmatched performance and uncompromising high availability. Offered in a hybrid or all-Flash version, it can meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, including real-time analysis and cognitive processing workloads, for which data access speed is critical.



Product features

  • tight synergy with the IBM z family, unique in the market
  • fully redundant design and greater than 99.9999% availability based on the proven IBM Power Systems architecture.
  • high-capacity cache and intelligent caching algorithms for accelerated performance
  • numerous sophisticated functions for data management and storage services
  • extended scalability with scalable physical storage capacity from 3 TB to over 4.6 petabytes
  • IBM DS8000 enterprise software platform, which has proved itself beyond doubt

How can NOVIPRO help?

NOVIPRO can help you determine the optimal hardware options that will meet your performance and capacity requirements at the lowest cost. NOVIPRO uses modeling tools to achieve this by simulating different scenarios. We can also undertake the complete configuration of DS8880 family products and their integration on IBM System z, p and i platforms. In addition, we can support the migration of your data from your current disk systems to DS8880.