IBM Cloud Object Storage

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IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) offers a new storage architecture based on a proven technology that stores, accesses and protects data with only one instance.

COS allows companies to cope with the explosion of unstructured data created by mobile applications, data born in the cloud and the IOT. It addresses issues of data management and data protection in a context of reduced budgets.  By adopting a cloud approach, COS offers flexibility in the mode of deployment - either public, dedicated or hybrid, both local and geographically distributed. With the explosion of data, traditional approaches to protecting data by backup or creating multiple copies on disk are no longer appropriate. Depending on the deployment mode, only one copy of the data is required to protect it in the event of component failure or even site failure. The arrival of big data and analytics has transformed the nature of archived data from passive to active. With COS your archived data comes to life at an optimal cost. Companies that adopted COS have seen their TCO for data management decrease by 30 to 80%. COS has been developed to allow growth at the petabyte and even exabyte level. COS reduces complexity through an intuitive management approach.


Product features

  • Flexible scalability - increase performance or capacity independently at any time.
  • Security - All data is encrypted and no disk, node or site contains enough information to reconstruct the data.
  • Unlimited availability - no loss of access to data during firmware updates, addition of hardware or component or site failure.
  • Ease of management - no RAID array to configure or data replication to set up. Manage more data with less staff.
  • Efficient - reduction of power consumption, floor space and air conditioning needs
  • Etc.

How can NOVIPRO help?

NOVIPRO can help you define your needs and establish the best architecture for storing your unstructured data based on object access. Subsequently, our expert team can assist you in the realization of the recommendations or offer you a turnkey solution.