IBM Flashsystem family

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IBM Flashsystem family

The IBM Flashsystem 900, A9000, A9000R, and V9000 product family provides data storage at a time of extreme performance demands. Accelerate your critical applications, improve the efficiency of your physical and virtual servers, support more users simultaneously, and reduce the cost of your virtual work environments.

Make better business decisions based on comprehensive, real-time data. Highly efficient and effective, IBM FlashSystem data storage products give you a major competitive advantage in today's dynamic and competitive markets.



  • Ultra-low latency measured in microseconds (μs) thanks to IBM MicroLatency™ Technology, etc.
  • Acceleration of mixed workloads
  • Critical data protection, supported by IBMVariable Stripe RAID™ technology, without compromising on performance or usable capacity
  • Redundant components, hot-swappable without tools
  • Advanced functionality for cluster growth based on XIV technology
  • Data reduction technology such as optimized compression and deduplication for Flashsystem speed
  • Very high density storage, to reduce power consumption for operation and cooling as well as footprint

IBM Flash

How can NOVIPRO help?

NOVIPRO can help you determine the Flashsystem family product that will meet your performance, capacity and functionality requirements at the lowest cost. NOVIPRO achieves this with modeling tools that simulate different scenarios allowing you to make judicious use of Flash technology. We can also manage the complete configuration of Flashsystem family products and their integration into your IT environment.