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IBM San Volume Controller (svc)

The SVC platform is a powerful storage virtualization solution that's both user-friendly and extremely sophisticated.

Designed to complement environments, IBM® SVC storage systems deliver the flexibility, reliability and performance you need to meet your changing needs.

Built with the IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software that is part of the IBM Spectrum Storage™ family.



  • Integrated storage virtualization with IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Simple migration of data from external storage source(s)
  • Real-time compression (RtC) stores up to 5 times more data in the same space
  • Scalability by adding nodes (clusters)
  • Superior data protection with advanced remote replication and integrated IBM FlashCopy® technology
  • Fast and flexible deployment of Cloud services

How can NOVIPRO help?

NOVIPRO has certifications and resources with extensive experience in storage solutions that can help you to: 

  • Determine the right IBM SVC storage model that meets your performance needs
  • Install and configure IBM SVC storage solutions 
  • Develop strategies for migrating data to IBM SVC storage