IBM – Spectrum Storage Family

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Gain the benefits of data-driven innovation

Unlock the potential of your data to better optimize your system's agility and efficiency

Simpler, faster, more effective and less costly storage; simplified migration to new workloads: in the era of Cloud computing, opt for data innovation with IBM Spectrum Storage!



Simplified and integrated management

  • Simplified and integrated management of data storage and protection with the integration of all applications, both new and more traditional.

Optimize data economics

  • Optimize data economics with intelligent data tiering from Flash to tape and Cloud. In addition to elastic scalability with high performance for analytics of big data, from social and mobile.

Supporting industry standards

  • Unify silos to deliver data without borders with built-in hybrid Cloud support and open architectures supporting industry standards including OpenStack and Hadoop. Result: a simpler, more agile, scalable and cost effective IT infrastructure.


Spectrum Storage Family : 

  • IBM Spectrum Accelerate : Block storage across the network: fast and extremely flexible Cloud deployments.
  • IBM Spectrum Scale : Software-defined storage: shared access to data, extreme scalability and agility for cloud and analytics.
  • IBM Spectrum Control : Effective infrastructure management for virtualized storage: simplification and automation of storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring and reporting.
  • IBM Spectrum Protect  Reliable, efficient data protection and resilience for software-defined, virtual, physical and Cloud environments.
  • IBM Spectrum Archive : Automatically move infrequently accessed data from disk to tape to lower costs while retaining ease of use and without the need for proprietary tape applications.
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize : At the heart of the IBM SAN Volume Controller and IBM Storwize family: IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software enables these systems to deliver industry-leading virtualization that enhances storage to improve resource utilization and productivity, and streamline deployment.

How can NOVIPRO help?

NOVIPRO has certifications and resources with extensive experience in storage solutions that can help you to: 

  • Determine the right IBM storage solution that meets your performance needs
  • Install and configure IBM storage solutions 
  • Develop strategies for migrating data to IBM storage