IBM TS7700 product family

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IBM TS7700 product family

The TS7700 family offers enterprise-class tape-based virtualization systems developed for continuous operations, data security, high scalability, and full integration with IBM z servers, unique in the market. The TS7700 family combines the performance of disk drives with the scalable capacity of magnetic tapes. With the ability to select a disk-only virtualization system - the TS7760 - or a hybrid system that combines disks and magnetic tapes - the TS7760 offers the flexibility to support tasks requiring high performance at an appropriate cost in a virtual library. Different continuous availability options are available to meet the highest availability requirements.



  • Based on the Power 8 architecture
  • Unmatched integration with z servers
  • Continuous availability 24/7 in active-active GRID mode for business continuity
  • Automated Quality of Service (QOS)
  • Ultra high performance up to 2500 MB/s
  • Up to 496 virtual tape drives per system
  • Ability to encrypt data on disk and tapes for added security
  • Etc.


How can NOVIPRO help?

NOVIPRO can help you choose the appropriate tape virtualization product for your backup and archive needs. We can do a detailed analysis of your current use of magnetic tapes and provide you with a report that will help you make an informed choice. We can build a GRID replication architecture that fits your business continuity goals. And then we can configure the IBM TS7760 and integrate it with IBM System z Enterprise Servers. We can also migrate data from your current tapes to virtualization technology without affecting your applications, using specialized copy tools.