Infor Cloudsuite Distribution (SX.e)

Infor-partner-of-the-year infor-distribution

Enhance your distribution capacity while quickly adapting to evolving markets!

Optimal operations and unparalleled visibility, for smarter and faster decisions 

Infor Distribution SX.e helps distributors across all industries track millions of inventory items and manage transactions, suppliers, and customers by the thousands. It also offers enhanced visibility of all your business activities for unprecedented control.

Increase profitability and improve operational efficiency by using Infor Distribution SX.e to streamline business processes : e-commerce, warehouse management, integrated supply, counter sales, purchasing, value-added services.



With Infor Distribution, you can:

  • Rationalize and automate distribution activities
  • Gain a clearer vision of your activities for more proactive management
  • Respond faster to changing markets
  • Find new profit sources
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Communicate with customers and suppliers more effectively 

Meet demanding service expectations and expand beyond your traditional roles to:

  • Incorporate manufacturing
  • Target consumers in retail environments
  • Manage customer inventories, like 3PL providers

Explore ways to drive organic growth by:

  • Introducing new product lines
  • Expanding your service areas


How can NOVIPRO help?

  • Our ERP solutions are rolled out by experts with years of experience in their respective fields.
  • With Infor and NOVIPRO, you get a solution that adapts to your activities—and not vice-versa. Your applications evolve along with your needs, without incurring costs or delays for developing or updating code.
  • Your solution is customized and accepts updates and new features. You get the best of both worlds!