Infor Product Configurator (Infor CPQ)

Infor-partner-of-the-year Infor-CPQ

More accurate price quotes – faster!

Power your entire network with Infor’s advanced configure-price-quote technology !

Addressing the specific needs of manufacturers and distributors of complex products, Infor Product Configurator turns the configuration of the most complex products into an error-free and intuitive process. Deploy this top configure-price-quote solution within a specific sales function—or across all applications and computing platforms—to easily build comprehensive product models.


Configure-price-quote (CPQ) capabilities: 

  • Manufacturers and distributors can boost their sales by leveraging the configure-price-quote (CPQ) capabilities of Infor Product Configurator to accelerate product configuration, pricing and quoting across all selling channels.

Use Infor’s visual, rules-based configurator software to:

  • Convert new sales reps or dealers into product experts
  • Delete order errors
  • Access preferred vendor locations

Image-driven, user-friendly solution: 

  • This image-driven, user-friendly solution guarantees one vision from order to delivery, while slashing costs and boosting profits.
  • Let your salesforce, partners and distributors provide customers with the ideal buying experience—it’s visual, speedy and accurate!
  • A highly flexible solution, Infor’s Product Configurator integrates with virtually any system, eliminating expensive customizations.


How can NOVIPRO help?

  • Our ERP solutions are rolled out by experts with years of experience in their respective fields.
  • With Infor and NOVIPRO, you get a solution that adapts to your activities—and not vice-versa. Your applications evolve along with your needs, without incurring costs or delays for developing or updating code.
  • Your solution is customized and accepts updates and new features. You get the best of both worlds!