IT/OT Audits

IT OT Audits

Test the robustness of your IT/OT network

Most digital audits don’t explicitly state which hardware, software and network equipment are needed to ensure seamless interfacing between OT and IT. 

The key deliverable in an IT/OT audit is a master plan that summarizes the gaps between the current and target states of systems and equipment. The plan outlines the OT system in its current and target forms, and describes what the IT network would need to look like in order to support the target OT. It describes various solutions, procurement budget estimates and integration scenarios.

On the OT side, the audit aims to identify the best way to connect industrial equipment so it can produce high-quality data in real time. In IT, it explores ways to support the OT by establishing an internal network and software to enable fast and continuous data processing, while also protecting the company through effective cybersecurity measures.

The master plan indicates where you are now, and where you want to be in the medium and long term. It also proposes actions to be taken in the very short term. What do we do tomorrow morning? What project should we start with?  The plan is essentially a roadmap that indicates which projects should be undertaken and when, based on their degree of priority and potential for impacting profits.

How can NOVIPRO help?

We’ll start by performing a simple IT/OT audit to quickly identify OT system unavailability risks and security vulnerabilities. Then we’ll present a prioritized action plan that puts high-impact initiatives first. Finally, we’ll execute our recommendations to make your OT network more robust and secure.

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  • Identification and mitigation of operational interruptions due to equipment breakdowns or failures
  • Identification and mitigation of security breach risks