OT architecture and industrial communications

OT architecture and industrial communications

Make sure your network is robust, available and secure

In manufacturing, an unplanned interruption can result in the loss of several tens of thousands of dollars per hour. That’s why you need to make sure your OT network and its components are robust. If there’s an outage, your business could hemorrhage money. 

Whenever you make changes to your OT network, you run the risk of deteriorating its quality. In addition to addressing its availability (operational continuity), you need to consider security risks because operational systems are increasingly being targeted by cyberattacks.

Having a robust and fully operational OT network is crucial. If you need assistance, count on NOVIPRO to help you with OT network architecture, implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

How can NOVIPRO help?

We can design your OT network architecture taking into consideration your current and future needs and goals, as well as any IT network integration factors.

We’ll supply, install and configure your factory’s iLAN network equipment, in addition to commissioning the network, running qualification tests and assisting with plant start-up.



  • Limit logical access to production equipment
  • Set firm rules for physically accessing equipment
  • Make sure your network is properly segmented
  • Promote unified network management
  • Roll out secure wireless communications

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