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SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics

Imagine if everyone in your company - from the sales team to the IT department - could use SAS Analytics. Productivity would take off. Collaboration would grow naturally. And the results would be remarkable.

SAS Visual Analytics allows you to have relevant answers regardless of the volume of data. Clarity with intelligent data mining. Interactive and collaborative reports. Self-service analytics for all types of users.

SAS Visual Statistics makes it possible to derive insights from your data, however massive, and to solve your most complex problems, simply and quickly.


Product features

  • Clear and accurate answers in minutes or even seconds with our data visualization solution.
  • Simple, assisted and fast analytics thanks to in-memory processing.
  • An ultra-flexible solution and deployment according to your needs and your organization on your existing installations in your private or public cloud environment.


How can NOVIPRO help?

As sole reseller in Quebec, NOVIPRO brings unique expertise by integrating advanced SAS solutions for your Big Data projects.