Smart cities

Smart cities

Specialized expertise to address smart city needs

Municipalities are embracing connected devices. LoRaWan networks enable low-bandwidth communications and the installation of low-power devices.

Meanwhile, smart sensors allow real-time integration of various types of data used for new public services. By collecting data on the environment, traffic, safety and more, smart cities can develop strategies for achieving their long-term goals. For residents, it translates into better quality of life.

NOVIPRO provides turnkey analytics services:


  • Identify the city’s most pressing issues 
  • Propose relevant dataset collection
  • Select appropriate communications protocols 
  • Establish dataset processing plans  
  • Identify end users and methods for publishing results 
  • Propose relevant dashboards 
  • Define the project scope and handle equipment procurement  
  • Propose execution phases  
  • Submit recommendations 


Level 1: Descriptive analytics (What has already happened?) 

  • Install, configure and test the network and sensors  
  • Configure the IoT collection platform 
  • Create data processing and dissemination procedures 
  • Create dashboards 

Level 2: Diagnostic analytics (Why did it happen?) 

  • Add analytical processes for understanding what causes incidents and behaviours 
  • Add sensors as needed 

Level 3: Predictive analytics (What could happen in the future?) 

Add analytical processes to: 

  • Identify future probabilities and trends
  • Provide information on what is likely to happen in the future 
  • Add sensors as needed 

Level 4: Prescriptive analytics (How should we respond to predicted scenarios?) 

Add analytical processes to propose the best solutions, take action to minimize risk and/or capitalize on opportunities identified in the predictive analysis step.  

NOVIPRO also provides on-demand assistance for analytics projects and each of the services included in our turnkey offer is available independently.


We offer a structured and flexible approach to make sure your teams get the support they need. 

IoT is just a way to collect field data. There’s very limited value in simply recording inputs. In order for a model to be relevant and sustainable, it needs to be included in a platform that processes IoT data and translates information into insights.

While most cities have the same needs, they often have very different resources. That’s why it makes sense for NOVIPRO to manage your analytics projects. We can do it all or just take care of a portion. When determining what type of assistance you need, it’s important to consider your communication network type, deployment complexity and the size of your in-house team. 

We believe that data should be used to describe, understand, predict and resolve incidents and situations. It can also be used to develop artificial intelligence models that inform the city’s services for the public. 



  • Power and water management
  • Smart building management
  • Vegetation watering optimization
  • Smart management of municipal assets
  • Decision optimization (schedules, sequencing)

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