Virtualization on IBM z

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Virtualization on IBM z

Since the beginning, IBM z systems have always performed virtualization. And by its very architecture, it can virtualize all kinds of resources (CPU, memory, network access, etc ...) up to 100% utilization rates. Today, on the latest machines, it is thus possible to deploy thousands of virtual servers on a single mainframe.

IBM z systems offer the possibility of 3 virtualization technologies:

  • A hardware hypervisor (PR/SM) that partitions the hardware into multiple (up to 80) logical partitions (LPAR) that will share dynamically, as needed, all the hardware resources (memories, disks, etc.).
  • A software hypervisor (z/VM) which can define multiple (up to tens and tens of thousands of) "virtual machines" (of type z/OS, z/VM, or LINUX) directly on the IBM z platform, or within a partition (LPAR).
  • Another software hypervisor (KVM) is also available for those who are interested in virtualizing only LINUX "machines".


Product features

  • Enormous scalability gain
  • Continuous availability
  • Ubiquitous encryption
  • Simplified operation (single server)
  • Reduced software licensing costs

How can NOVIPRO help?

NOVIPRO's qualified personnel can:

  • configure a z machine to suit your virtualization needs
  • accompany you during installation
  • monitor and/or support your z environment
  • take control of your migration projects