Business consulting


Cloud computing, big data, IoT: IT departments are having to adjust to a whole new technology ecosystem.

And in order for decision makers to perform a cost-benefit analysis of their IT transformation, they need all the facts, including the potential impacts on business continuity.

At NOVIPRO, we help IT decision makers find strategies that strike a balance between increasing operational efficiency and enhancing the value of their IT department.


  • Objective opinion
  • Transformation methodology backed by the leading references in business processes, IT architecture, governance and risk management
  • Short- and medium-term quick hits within a long-term business strategy
  • Technology watch and global trend tracking

How can NOVIPRO help you?

Count on NOVIPRO to help you determine the best way to meet your goals. We’ll hold planning workshops with key players from your company’s various departments, assess where you are now, and identify which targets you should aim for. Your transformation plan will include quick hits—appreciable gains within 100 days—while considering the impacts on personnel to ensure business continuity. In everything we do, NOVIPRO will always take your organization’s values and corporate culture into account.