Specialized solutions to ensure business continuity


Cloud computing has revolutionized the work of IT departments. Not only do IT specialists have to be knowledgeable about cloud technology—which is reliable but complex—they also have to guarantee service stability by minimizing interruptions, breakdowns and cyber-attacks. After all, the company’s bottom line depends in it.

Having a business continuity plan has also become crucial.

NOVIPRO can help you implement your plan and align it with industry best practices.

  • 25 years of experience implementing business continuity plans for clients
  • Broad experience gained through addressing various client issues
  • Six-step planning methodology based on hybrid IT environment management (from risk assessment through to sound service maintenance)
  • Practices drawn from Disaster Recovery Institute International

How can NOVIPRO help you?

NOVIPRO will hold planning workshops with key players from your company’s various departments to help you identify and analyze risks. We’ll also develop a risk control hierarchy and business continuity action plan. Of course, we’ll take into account your organization’s unique challenges, its various IT service providers and the responsibilities of all stakeholders.