Software as a service - SAAS

Operate your activities trhough a portfolio of diversified softwares maintained by a team of experts

Operate your activities on demand trhough a portfolio of diversified softwares maintained and upgraded by a team of experts dedicated to your enterprise’s success.

We offer you a complete range of software in SaaS Testing mode, approved and adapted to every enterprise.

  • Secure connection to softwares
  • Support in the transition from your tools to the Cloud
  • Wide range of predefined software (Sherweb, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange)
  • Software hosting
  • Unlimited accessibility


  • Fast applications: Get operational solutions in just weeks, days or hours compared to months with the traditional model
  • No surprises: Predictable costs help you manage your budget and ensure you only pay for what you need
  • Major CapEx savings: Free up investment capital with cost-effective contracts and subscriptions
  • Smarter IT services: Let your IT focus on the systems they know best while we handle the rest.